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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie:The Day After Tomorrow: ** ~~Don't play with Mother Nature~~ **

This movie is about:

This movie is about -

A Father and A Son
Love and Trust
Power (Government) and Brain/Knowledge (Scientist)
Nature and Mankind
Developed and Developing/Under Developed Countries

Who must see this movie:

All those who want to see -
What happens if u take over advantage of Nature
How Knowledge wins over Power
How Power and Knowledge together can win over Natural Calamity
How a Father saves his Son against all Odds
How a Son trusts on his Father and prefer to stays in the claws of Death only because he promised to stay there and let his father come and save him out
How a Wife allows a Husband to go and Save their Son against all chances of Her Husband and Son's Survival
How Nature revenges if it is misused
Special Effects in Cinema

Why must see:
To learn how to behave with Nature
To Learn how to not loose hope till last effort and fight against any size of enemy

Jack Hall is a US based scientist and studies the behavior of  Nature. He declares in a International Summit held at New Delhi (and New Delhi is having Snow Fall !!! Amazing!!!) that because of Global Warming, the Northern half of the earth will go to Ice Age Again and very few will be able to survive. Only way to avoid it is to spend a huge amount to prepare the mankind against this calamity else all mankind and everything else will go to frozen state (-200 degrees).

President and Vice President refuse to spend this huge amount and let this assessment of the scientist go off that something to this kind may happen.... and 100 years is a too long a period to think about the generations to come....

Jack Hall was wrong in his calculations of 100 years. what he assumed to be going to happen in 100 years is going to happen in few days actually. But by the time Hall realizes it, by the time Government comes to understand that what he predicted is true, by the time Hall could call his son Sam back from New York (Sam is on some competition and expedition with his friends), by the time anybody could realize what is happening......

Temperature starts falling at the rate of 13 degrees per second and things start freezing in Canada, US, Europe, Japan.....
Now starts the fight of Jack Hall to save his son who is stuck in a library with his girl friend, a friend and many other people. Hall decided to reach to New York via road as all flights are cancelled. But near Mexico he has to leave road part as after that there is only snow and nothing else.

And there is a time limit also. Things will reach to Ice Age in next 48 hours... and before that Hall has to reach to Sam and save him......

Great Camera Effects..... and ultimately Hall is able to save his son because of his will power and never dying attitude....
Rest you all to see and judge/ enjoy yourself.

Enjoy this movie.........A must watch......

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