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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Happy Feet: Happy Feet = Balanced Environment

he Story is about huge population of Penguins living in Antarctica.  All of them are blessed with sweet vocal chord and are talented singers by birth. They usually sing to attract their respective mates in their youth, unite and give birth to baby Penguins. Main food of these Penguins is Fish, which is in scarcity in the sea (and they too ponder where all the fish go to) and for that all Adult Female Penguins go far off in deep sea to get their food. All the Penguin Community is facing this issue of starvation and scarcity of fish.
A young penguin Memphis sings and impresses his mate and thus a new couple is formed. A large number of Female Penguins are going to deep sea to get fish by leaving their families behind. Mrs Memphis also leaves her new laid egg and Memphis and goes with this group. While moving after her along with the egg, when there is a strong snow storm, Memphis slips the egg out of his grip and the egg jumps, bumps, stumbles and taps in the snow. This is how the hero inside learns Tap Dance. When Mumble's  mother comes back she is shocked to know about Memphis’ act of carelessness. But a bigger shock is on the way and that is unlike other Penguins, Mumble can’t sing and when he tries to sing, everyone is shocked by the way he tries to sing in his screaming and shrilling voice. The whole Penguin Community is shocked but amazed on the Mumble’s tapping feet. The senior most Penguins seek evacuation of Mumble from the community, as he is different and not like them (can’t sing sweetly). When Mumble is too young, sea hawks and eagles come to pick him up for their food, but Mumble’s tap dance makes them run away without touching/hurting him.
Gloria is a female penguin born at the same time when Mumble is born. She is very beautiful and intelligent with a superb voice.
Mumble is given the graduation degree and then to test their skills senior Penguins want to test the younger graduates’ skills by asking them to catch fish in the sea. Gloria, Mumble and many of his friends reach to a far off iceberg following fish, this iceberg is torn in two parts by a hammer head fish. On one part Mumble is left alone who jumps in the sea to find his friends, during this search a walrus gets after him and to save himself he reaches to another part of Antartica where he finds another community of Penguins, and wow! They don’t sing, they too dance, tap dance like him. Here he meets Lovelace, his new Guru who knows the answers of all questions of this earth (and sea). But this Guru has an equation of taking one coin for each question from any one. Mumble’s new friends got to know about where his parents live and they plan to go there. Mumble reaches there and now there are two groups of Penguins, one expert in singing and other in Tap Dance. Playing in the sea and searching for fish, Mumble and friends are attacked by a huge Whale and while saving himself Mumble goes far off in the Sea alone and is trapped by people. He is kept now in a big in-sea Aquarium which a  lot of children visit. Mumble is noticed and admired by visiting Public and authorities due to his unique Tap Dance talent and he is let back in Antarctica but now with a chip at his back so that scientists are able to track and trace him. Mumble reaches back to his family.
There is a huge uproar in UN regarding extinction of Penguins and study of cause comes out to be fishing in those Antarctic areas by ships due to which out of hunger Penguins are dying. And ultimately to balance the environment and ecosystem, it is decided that human beings will stop fishing in the sea areas falling near to Penguin communities.

And thus Mumble saves his community. And finally lives with Gloria.
About Movie
HAPPY FEET is an animated film from Dr. George Miller (Mad Max Films), about a penguin, with (voice)cast of Nicole Kidman (Mumble’s Mother), Brittany Murphy, Magda Szubanski, Elijah Wood (Mumble), Hugh Jackman (Mumble’s Father, Memphis), and Robin Williams (Ramon and Lovelace).
My View Points:
 - The backgrounds look excellent.
 - The dance numbers are also great, and superbly choreographed, especially the number 'somebody to love''.
 - Penguins were really cute, looking warm, natural and fuzzy.
 - Action sequences are very good, the chase scenes under the ice particularly were well done and equally done are underwater scenes.
 - There is a slight flaw in the way real Penguins walked, as it was not original penguin’s walk, it was men and women shaped like Penguins.
 - The movie is entertaining for kids but equally serious about conveying the message to Save and Balance Environment - Great comedy, fun action and music numbers are the big assets of this movie

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