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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ober: @@~~keep guessing@@~~@@~~@@what next~~@@

This is not a Hollywood movie, but is a Dutch movie… Ober in Dutch means Waiter . 
Script & Direction:
 Alex Van Warmerdam
 Vincent van Warmerdam
Producer: Marc van Warmerdam
Alex Van Warmerdam: Edgar
Jaap Spijkers: Walter
Mark Rietman: Herman
Ariane Schluter: Victoria
Lynn Renée: Stella
Waldemar Kobus: Richard 
Thekla Reuten: Suzie
Stephan Degand: Sieb
Togo Igawa: Makino
Fedja van Huèt: Ralph
About Director and Script Writer: World known, many international awards winner, Dutch Filmmaker, writer, designer, director and actor Alex van Warmerdam, born on 14 August 1952 in Haarlem, The Netherlands, studied at Graphic School, Holland. He started his career in 1980 as a director of theatre shows under the banner of his own theatre company – De Mexicaanse Hond and directed 11 theatre shows. He was also the co-founder of the famous music company - Hauser Orkafer. The then famous publishing house Thomas Rap Publishing House published his collected theatre works. The same publishing house also published his first novel De Hand van een Vreemde which means ‘The Hand of a Stranger’. He made his first film Abel, in 1986. In 1995 he joined hands with his brother Marc (Graniet Films) to produce all his films afterwards. Few of the prestigious international awards that he got are: Prins Bernhard Prize for Culture in 1995 for his entire theatre and film achievements, Bronze Sea lion award in 1998 for his contribution to Dutch film industry. His movies Abel (1986), The Northerners (1992), The Dress (1996), Little Tony (1998), Grimm (2003) and Ober (Waiter) (2006) have won many international awards including Golden Calf, Critics Prize & Special Jury Prize in Venice Film Festival, Felix award, Dutch entry for the Academy Awards (Oscars), Special Jury Prize in Veviers Film Festival France, Stockholm film festival- Sweden, Bergamo film festival – Italy, Dutch film festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival – Spain, Riga International Film Festival – Letvia, International Film Festival Toronto, Canada, and International Film Festival Pusan.
Why I Liked this movie: 
When I was in Den Haag a couple of years back, I went with 4 of my Dutch friends to watch this movie on their insistence. They were very sure that I will like this movie very much and indeed I did. The movie can be treated as one of the great CLASSIC COMEDY moviesAll actors performed well especially Edgar, Helena, Herman, Suzy, Walter, and Stella). This movie has a tremendous flow due to its flawless script. The comedy is there but not cheap and light comedy, rather it keeps you engrossed in the movie throughout
: Edgar works as a waiter in a restaurant ‘The West’, at the age of fifty but is a fictitious entity being written/ created by a novel writer Herman, when gets bored of his routine life, goes to Herman for a change in life. He wanted Herman to change his story for that purpose. Herman’s wife Suzy keeps changing the story as and when Herman is away from his computer. Edgar is not happy with his ill-driven wife Helena and wants a new girl friend in his life. And he gets it in Stella.
The story takes lot of twists and turns and the best part is the meeting of fictitious characters of a novel (Edgar, Stella, Helena, Walter) being written by Herman with the writer, Herman and his wife and these character’s conversations with their creator/ writer. After repeatedly approaching of the main character of his novel, Edgar, to Herman, Herman warns Edgar that if he does not stop coming again and again and asking for changes in the story, Herman will change the script once for all by killing Edgar through and accident with a Lorry. Edgar keeps getting confused and keeps requesting Herman to change to storyline to make his life happy. In between Herman decides to change the story in some other manner but in his absence his wife sits on his computer and changes the story in some other direction. The movie keeps viewers hooked throughout to keep guessing what is going to happen next. The direction, and story are so powerful that you never know what will happen next…

Movie Review: Happy Feet: Happy Feet = Balanced Environment

he Story is about huge population of Penguins living in Antarctica.  All of them are blessed with sweet vocal chord and are talented singers by birth. They usually sing to attract their respective mates in their youth, unite and give birth to baby Penguins. Main food of these Penguins is Fish, which is in scarcity in the sea (and they too ponder where all the fish go to) and for that all Adult Female Penguins go far off in deep sea to get their food. All the Penguin Community is facing this issue of starvation and scarcity of fish.
A young penguin Memphis sings and impresses his mate and thus a new couple is formed. A large number of Female Penguins are going to deep sea to get fish by leaving their families behind. Mrs Memphis also leaves her new laid egg and Memphis and goes with this group. While moving after her along with the egg, when there is a strong snow storm, Memphis slips the egg out of his grip and the egg jumps, bumps, stumbles and taps in the snow. This is how the hero inside learns Tap Dance. When Mumble's  mother comes back she is shocked to know about Memphis’ act of carelessness. But a bigger shock is on the way and that is unlike other Penguins, Mumble can’t sing and when he tries to sing, everyone is shocked by the way he tries to sing in his screaming and shrilling voice. The whole Penguin Community is shocked but amazed on the Mumble’s tapping feet. The senior most Penguins seek evacuation of Mumble from the community, as he is different and not like them (can’t sing sweetly). When Mumble is too young, sea hawks and eagles come to pick him up for their food, but Mumble’s tap dance makes them run away without touching/hurting him.
Gloria is a female penguin born at the same time when Mumble is born. She is very beautiful and intelligent with a superb voice.
Mumble is given the graduation degree and then to test their skills senior Penguins want to test the younger graduates’ skills by asking them to catch fish in the sea. Gloria, Mumble and many of his friends reach to a far off iceberg following fish, this iceberg is torn in two parts by a hammer head fish. On one part Mumble is left alone who jumps in the sea to find his friends, during this search a walrus gets after him and to save himself he reaches to another part of Antartica where he finds another community of Penguins, and wow! They don’t sing, they too dance, tap dance like him. Here he meets Lovelace, his new Guru who knows the answers of all questions of this earth (and sea). But this Guru has an equation of taking one coin for each question from any one. Mumble’s new friends got to know about where his parents live and they plan to go there. Mumble reaches there and now there are two groups of Penguins, one expert in singing and other in Tap Dance. Playing in the sea and searching for fish, Mumble and friends are attacked by a huge Whale and while saving himself Mumble goes far off in the Sea alone and is trapped by people. He is kept now in a big in-sea Aquarium which a  lot of children visit. Mumble is noticed and admired by visiting Public and authorities due to his unique Tap Dance talent and he is let back in Antarctica but now with a chip at his back so that scientists are able to track and trace him. Mumble reaches back to his family.
There is a huge uproar in UN regarding extinction of Penguins and study of cause comes out to be fishing in those Antarctic areas by ships due to which out of hunger Penguins are dying. And ultimately to balance the environment and ecosystem, it is decided that human beings will stop fishing in the sea areas falling near to Penguin communities.

And thus Mumble saves his community. And finally lives with Gloria.
About Movie
HAPPY FEET is an animated film from Dr. George Miller (Mad Max Films), about a penguin, with (voice)cast of Nicole Kidman (Mumble’s Mother), Brittany Murphy, Magda Szubanski, Elijah Wood (Mumble), Hugh Jackman (Mumble’s Father, Memphis), and Robin Williams (Ramon and Lovelace).
My View Points:
 - The backgrounds look excellent.
 - The dance numbers are also great, and superbly choreographed, especially the number 'somebody to love''.
 - Penguins were really cute, looking warm, natural and fuzzy.
 - Action sequences are very good, the chase scenes under the ice particularly were well done and equally done are underwater scenes.
 - There is a slight flaw in the way real Penguins walked, as it was not original penguin’s walk, it was men and women shaped like Penguins.
 - The movie is entertaining for kids but equally serious about conveying the message to Save and Balance Environment - Great comedy, fun action and music numbers are the big assets of this movie

Movie: I, Robot: ~~Folks!!! it is 2035~~

DirectorAlex Proyas
ProducerTwentieth Century Fox
Based on a sci-fiction story written byIsaac Asimov with the same name
Will Smith – Spooner – A Detective with hi-tech gadgets and a hate for Robots as he thinks they can never be friendly to humankind and can be a threat to their existence anytime.
Bridget Moynahan – Dr. Susan Calvin - A Psychologist and engineer at USR expert in designing Robots
James Cromwell – Dr. Alfred - A Bio Man and vice chairman of USR, who dies in mysterious circumstances right in the be
Bruce Greenwood - Robertson - the CEO of USR, a shrewd man - owner of USR – US Robotics – producing robots that serve the human kind
Alan Tudyk – A Robot, Sonny  uniquely different from other Robots as Sonny has emotions, senses and can dream also.
V.I.K.I. – a computer controlled logical system that controls all robots. A destructor by nature.

Place: Chicago
Year: 2035
Spooner is a super cop Detective with hi-fi car and other electronic gadgets. He dislikes robots and believes that robots can anytime misbehave and become a threat to humankind. He is a person with innumerate power and sharp skills. His basic reason for not trusting robots is connected to his childhood when he and his sister were drowning in their car in a river and the robot saved only him and let his sister drown because logically robot sensed that Spooner had more chances of survival that his sister. This incident keeps on disturbing him in his sleep in the form of a dream and haunts him.
Susan is working in USR laboratory where robots are made. She understands robots better than anyone and believes that robots are the best friends of mankind. She differs with Spooner on his distrust on robots.
Dr. Alfred is a Bio man who is at no. 2 in USR and is making a new breed of robots (NS-5) that can understand and serve mankind better than the earlier breeds. He believes in three basic principles of robotics:
1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2) A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law

Robertson is a pure business tycoon busy in creating robots and supplying in the market and growing his business day by day by introducing better and better robots. But in a way he wants to overpower all mankind through his robots power force. He is the creator of VIKI
Sonny is a robot with some exceptions. He has emotions, feelings and he dreams also. He dreams. He dreams that one day all robots will be misused by some selfish men and then another powerful man will come to save the robots and get them free for a better cause.
VIKI has no physical form. She is logic and exists just as a female face in air. She is the key who can make all robots to revolutionize one day and go against mankind.

Spooner gets a call from USR that Dr. Alfred has committed suicide. When he reaches there he smells something fishy that Dr. Alfred has not committed suicide but has been murdered and doubts zero down on a robot, Sonny. Gradually understands that Sonny is difference from other robots as he has emotions. Moreover it conflicts with the three principles of robots on which robots function. Still carries on his arguments with Dr. Calvin that robots are not safe to use. His conflict with Robertson gets serious over the issue of Sonny and ultimately Robertson orders Dr. Calvin to destroy Sonny.
Simultaneously Robertson assigns a task force of robots to destroy Spooner as Spooner is getting more and more into his business to understand what really his goals are.
Now, Spooner, Calvin and Sonny are on one side as good guys. On the other side are VIKI, a huge task force of robots, and Robertson to destroy these three.
And ultimately Spooner destroys VIKI, Robertson. All bad robots turn back to nice robots after the destruction of the logical force controlling them (VIKI).

What I liked
Script, Acting and story.
Special effects
The spirit and zeal of Spooner
The dream of Sony
The win of good over the bad

Some best things/sccens I liked
Spooner’s car
When Spooner argues with Calvin on robots
When Spooner is attacked by huge number of robots
When Spooner has to surrender his Detective Badge
When Spooner talks to the spirit of Bio man Alfred after his death
When Spooner meets Robertson for the first time and next time and makes some sharp comments
When Calvin is destroying Sonny, her helplessness on her face is marvelous
When Sonny lets Calvin destroy her

Infact I liked every scene and every character of this movie…

Movie:The Day After Tomorrow: ** ~~Don't play with Mother Nature~~ **

This movie is about:

This movie is about -

A Father and A Son
Love and Trust
Power (Government) and Brain/Knowledge (Scientist)
Nature and Mankind
Developed and Developing/Under Developed Countries

Who must see this movie:

All those who want to see -
What happens if u take over advantage of Nature
How Knowledge wins over Power
How Power and Knowledge together can win over Natural Calamity
How a Father saves his Son against all Odds
How a Son trusts on his Father and prefer to stays in the claws of Death only because he promised to stay there and let his father come and save him out
How a Wife allows a Husband to go and Save their Son against all chances of Her Husband and Son's Survival
How Nature revenges if it is misused
Special Effects in Cinema

Why must see:
To learn how to behave with Nature
To Learn how to not loose hope till last effort and fight against any size of enemy

Jack Hall is a US based scientist and studies the behavior of  Nature. He declares in a International Summit held at New Delhi (and New Delhi is having Snow Fall !!! Amazing!!!) that because of Global Warming, the Northern half of the earth will go to Ice Age Again and very few will be able to survive. Only way to avoid it is to spend a huge amount to prepare the mankind against this calamity else all mankind and everything else will go to frozen state (-200 degrees).

President and Vice President refuse to spend this huge amount and let this assessment of the scientist go off that something to this kind may happen.... and 100 years is a too long a period to think about the generations to come....

Jack Hall was wrong in his calculations of 100 years. what he assumed to be going to happen in 100 years is going to happen in few days actually. But by the time Hall realizes it, by the time Government comes to understand that what he predicted is true, by the time Hall could call his son Sam back from New York (Sam is on some competition and expedition with his friends), by the time anybody could realize what is happening......

Temperature starts falling at the rate of 13 degrees per second and things start freezing in Canada, US, Europe, Japan.....
Now starts the fight of Jack Hall to save his son who is stuck in a library with his girl friend, a friend and many other people. Hall decided to reach to New York via road as all flights are cancelled. But near Mexico he has to leave road part as after that there is only snow and nothing else.

And there is a time limit also. Things will reach to Ice Age in next 48 hours... and before that Hall has to reach to Sam and save him......

Great Camera Effects..... and ultimately Hall is able to save his son because of his will power and never dying attitude....
Rest you all to see and judge/ enjoy yourself.

Enjoy this movie.........A must watch......

Angelina Jolie: ~~ Angelina ~~ Angelina ~~ Angelina ~~

~~~~Basics First~~~~~ On 4th June, 1975, at 9.09AM PST, Mercheline Bertrand gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 4th June 1975 in Los Angeles, California. When she was a child her ambition was to become a funeral director. At 11, she joined Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and afterwards finished her degree in film from New York University. She is as well known for her exotic looks, tattoos and sexual lips as for her acting abilities. She has grabbed 3 Golden Globe Awards, an Academy Award for her acting in the movie “Girl, Interrupted”. She started acting at a very young age and worked in five student films all directed by her brother. ~~~

Her existing Tattoos~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. ''know your rights'' just under her neck between her shoulders 2. a large prayer for her son Maddox on her left shoulder which covers up the japanese ''death'' tattoo 3. two pointy black tribals on the lower parts of her back 4. a window between the two tribals on her lower back 5. a large Asian tiger on her back, and  a dragon under the tiger 6. a dragon on her left arm 7. ''A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages'' (Tennessee Williams) on her left forearm 8. XIII (number 13 in roman) on her left forearm 9. arab for ''strength of will'' on her right forearm 10. the letter H (for her brother James Haven) on the inside of her left wrist 11. Quod me nutrit me destruit (Latin for ''What nourishes me destroys me'') several inches below her navel 12. a tilted Latin cross on the lower left of her abdomen ~~~~

Tattoos Removed/Covered/Replaced~~~~~ 1. ''Billy Bob'', the name of her latest husband Billy Bob Thorton, on her left arm. 2. a japanese symbol for courage now covered by the Tennessee Williams quote. 3. a japanese symbol for death now covered by a prayer for Maddox 4. a dragon she got in Amsterdam while drunk, now covered by the latin cross. 5. a tattoo Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina had a copy of. It was on her right forearm covered by the ''strength of will'' tattoo ~~~

Her Father - Jonathan Voight~~~~~Jonathan Voight  was born on 29th Dec.’1938 in Yonkers, New York. He married an American actress Marcheline Bertrand on 12th Dec.’1971, got separated in 1976, and divorced in 1978. He is a famous American actor. He received an Academy Award for his performance in the film Coming Home. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his performances in both the films Midnight Cowboy and Runaway Train. Jolie has estranged from her father since long now. Although some efforts have been done to regain the relations but in Premiere Magazine issue of 2004, Angelina declared that she was no longer interested to have any relationship with her father anymore. Just after that Jonathan declared that Angelina is suffering from severe emotional imbalance. Angelina legally dropped Voight as her last name soon after this. ~~~

Her Mother - Marcheline Bertrand~~~~~~~~ She was born in 1950 (12 years younger to her husband), and was an American actress. Two of her movies that I remember were The Man Who Loved Women (1983) and Lookin' to get Out (1982) ~~~~

Her Brother – James Haven Voight~~~~~ He was born on 11th May’ 1973. He studied filmmaking at USC School of Cinema and won George Lucas film award there for a movie in which Angelina acted. ~~~~

Her 1st Husband – Jonny Lee Miller~~~~ He was born on 15th Nov.’1972 at Kingston-upon-Thames and is famous for the role of character M in earlier James Bond films. After a small role in the movie  ‘Eastenders’ he got a good break in film ‘Hackers’ in 1995 in which Angelina played the lead role against him. By next year they got married on 28th March’1996. Angelina appeared in a black leather trousers and a white shirt in her marriage. Her shirt had Miller’s name painted in her blood on the back side. He got fame in the film circle due to his lead role in the movie ‘Trainspotting’ in 1996. People started mistaking him as a Scottish due to his typical accent used in this movie. He also played roles in a couple plays telecasted on BBC television. They divorced after 4 years of their marriage on 3rd Feb.’1999. ~~~~~

Her 2nd Husband – Billy Bob Thornton~~~~~~ Billy Bob Thornton was born on 4th Aug.’1955 in Arkansas and is also an American Actor. He had married (and divorced) to four women before he married Angelina on 5th May’2000. In July 2002 Angelina confirmed her break up with actor Thorton and on 27th May’2003 they divorced. ~~~~~~~~

Angelina – Once Again~~~~~~~~ Measurements: 36-27-36. Lot more to share but space constraints.

Ricky Martin: A Singer With A Kind Heart

I am listing below some unusual facts related to the great Ricky Martin which would be know to a very few. 

He is the founder of Ricky, a non profit foundation with a mission to advocate for the well being of children around the world in the critical areas like education, social justice, health and nutrition. In alliance with Habitat for Humanity the Ricky Martin Foundation is currently building 224 homes in Thailand. 

Ricky Martin is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has long been a strong advocate of children's rights and protection. The mission ''People for Children'' under the flagship of Ricky Martin Foundation was created to educate and support the international framework for the elimination of child trafficking, and to influence policy makers in the war against exploitation of minors. 

This Puerto Rican born singer has started his world tour after being away from stage for four long years to have various concerts The concert series will raise funds for the UNICEF campaign ''Unite for Children. Unite Against AIDS.'' A major portion of his shows goes to his Foundation. Let us salute to this HERO.