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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie: I, Robot: ~~Folks!!! it is 2035~~

DirectorAlex Proyas
ProducerTwentieth Century Fox
Based on a sci-fiction story written byIsaac Asimov with the same name
Will Smith – Spooner – A Detective with hi-tech gadgets and a hate for Robots as he thinks they can never be friendly to humankind and can be a threat to their existence anytime.
Bridget Moynahan – Dr. Susan Calvin - A Psychologist and engineer at USR expert in designing Robots
James Cromwell – Dr. Alfred - A Bio Man and vice chairman of USR, who dies in mysterious circumstances right in the be
Bruce Greenwood - Robertson - the CEO of USR, a shrewd man - owner of USR – US Robotics – producing robots that serve the human kind
Alan Tudyk – A Robot, Sonny  uniquely different from other Robots as Sonny has emotions, senses and can dream also.
V.I.K.I. – a computer controlled logical system that controls all robots. A destructor by nature.

Place: Chicago
Year: 2035
Spooner is a super cop Detective with hi-fi car and other electronic gadgets. He dislikes robots and believes that robots can anytime misbehave and become a threat to humankind. He is a person with innumerate power and sharp skills. His basic reason for not trusting robots is connected to his childhood when he and his sister were drowning in their car in a river and the robot saved only him and let his sister drown because logically robot sensed that Spooner had more chances of survival that his sister. This incident keeps on disturbing him in his sleep in the form of a dream and haunts him.
Susan is working in USR laboratory where robots are made. She understands robots better than anyone and believes that robots are the best friends of mankind. She differs with Spooner on his distrust on robots.
Dr. Alfred is a Bio man who is at no. 2 in USR and is making a new breed of robots (NS-5) that can understand and serve mankind better than the earlier breeds. He believes in three basic principles of robotics:
1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2) A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law

Robertson is a pure business tycoon busy in creating robots and supplying in the market and growing his business day by day by introducing better and better robots. But in a way he wants to overpower all mankind through his robots power force. He is the creator of VIKI
Sonny is a robot with some exceptions. He has emotions, feelings and he dreams also. He dreams. He dreams that one day all robots will be misused by some selfish men and then another powerful man will come to save the robots and get them free for a better cause.
VIKI has no physical form. She is logic and exists just as a female face in air. She is the key who can make all robots to revolutionize one day and go against mankind.

Spooner gets a call from USR that Dr. Alfred has committed suicide. When he reaches there he smells something fishy that Dr. Alfred has not committed suicide but has been murdered and doubts zero down on a robot, Sonny. Gradually understands that Sonny is difference from other robots as he has emotions. Moreover it conflicts with the three principles of robots on which robots function. Still carries on his arguments with Dr. Calvin that robots are not safe to use. His conflict with Robertson gets serious over the issue of Sonny and ultimately Robertson orders Dr. Calvin to destroy Sonny.
Simultaneously Robertson assigns a task force of robots to destroy Spooner as Spooner is getting more and more into his business to understand what really his goals are.
Now, Spooner, Calvin and Sonny are on one side as good guys. On the other side are VIKI, a huge task force of robots, and Robertson to destroy these three.
And ultimately Spooner destroys VIKI, Robertson. All bad robots turn back to nice robots after the destruction of the logical force controlling them (VIKI).

What I liked
Script, Acting and story.
Special effects
The spirit and zeal of Spooner
The dream of Sony
The win of good over the bad

Some best things/sccens I liked
Spooner’s car
When Spooner argues with Calvin on robots
When Spooner is attacked by huge number of robots
When Spooner has to surrender his Detective Badge
When Spooner talks to the spirit of Bio man Alfred after his death
When Spooner meets Robertson for the first time and next time and makes some sharp comments
When Calvin is destroying Sonny, her helplessness on her face is marvelous
When Sonny lets Calvin destroy her

Infact I liked every scene and every character of this movie…

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